Your Mobile Is Shortage (Brkaa)?

Welcome to the biggest gathering place that combines productive family stores, restaurants and logistics. We start with you and grow up with you.

About Brkaa

This idea was born in our minds after years of experience in the field of digital marketing and delving into its depth and gaining knowledge of its foundation. We interpreted it in reality in a form of an electronic platform to be the strongest of its kind in bringing together creative productive families, who we are proud of. Various restaurants in their tastes and culture of innovation. Logistics services are represented by photographs and packaging destinations with exceptional touches that serve these stores and restaurants

Productive Families

In line with our kingdom’s 2030 vision and to activate the role of women and empower them economically, we created this platform that contributes in employing technology a facilitate consumers’ access to productive families. Achieving leadership in business administration and improve investment opportunities and financial returns that are associated with the spirit of creativity, innovation, ambition and responsibilities for these developed forearms through an integrated environment that combines families and customer base


We desire to place the largest list of our restaurant partners in one place to give you a complete experience on all the tastes that pass your mind at any time. Wherever you are, we assign menus of various restaurants to allow you to search for new and delicious dishes. All the delights are good here

Logistics Services

This may be the first electronic experience for productive families or a restaurant that has new products and wants to add them to the list. We saved you fatigue and added for you the most talented photographs who have professional lenses to cover all that you have. We also included in the list packaging shops to complete the quality and beauty of production in one platform.

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We seek to provide a unique experience for our users through various features

  • We simplified it

    It is easy to use and easy to move. A search engine that eliminates abundance and reviews that give you the impressions of others.
  • We enriched it

    We provided a large number of productive families and restaurants in your area.
  • We mastered it

    : We combined the smoothness of technology, browsing, the flexibility to register, choose and track the application with the beauty of pictures and offers that fascinate your eyes and your taste and understand your hunger.
  • We got it

    We have drivers who would understand your busyness and your concern for time. We listed the payment methods, whether you choose to pay by hand when you receive your order or pay electronically through the application.


Enjoy the service of ordering from “Brkaa” application with ease and without facing any difficulties by following the following steps

  • 1- First Step

    Browse restaurants and productive families added to the application. Choose a restaurant that you would like to order your meal from. Then, take a look at the offerable products. Select your product and then add it to the basket

  • 2- Second Step

    Select the required quantity, register any special addition or requests the you want with the product. Then, order your product and select a delivery method (Delivery is delivered by hand) and payment method and delivery address. Keep track of your order until it reaches to the delivery stage through the notification feature, which will give you a direct status of your request